Deliverables From Our Side

As you should have read end of tenancy cleaning deliverables from your side, here we have short listed some of our end of tenancy cleaning deliverables in order to help you understand the kind of job you can expect when you book our end of tenancy cleaning with or without carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services.

–       We send all cleaning products, materials and equipment’s

–       All equipment to be supplied by us.

–       Mop, Bucket, Vacuum Cleaner and other equipment to be sent by us.

–       There will be a team of end of tenancy cleaners not just one person

–       Our cleaning team will arrive in our own vehicle, not public transport

–       They will have their checklist to deliver a great job

–       They will be at least 2 years or more experienced in their respective domain

–       We clean the oven, cooker, fridge and all appliances as part of our service

–       We clean windows as part of our service

–       We will vacuum the carpets for free

–       All furniture and the property will be fully vacuumed

–       All cupboards, shelves, skirting boards to be properly cleaned

–       All electric sockets to be professionally cleaned

–       We will clean under and behind the fridge/freezer

–       We will clean behind the oven when and where possible

–       We will professionally clean work-tops and cabinets as part of our service

–       We will clean all wooden, laminated floors as part of our service

–       We will professionally steam clean the carpets and upholstery if needed

–       50-% off on carpet and upholstery cleaning if bookended with Tenancy Clean

–       We will professionally clean bathrooms, toilets, sinks and the rest

–       Patio, Loft, Porch and external cleaning is extra but can be provided.

–       We can assign special discounts on patio, loft and porch cleaning

–       We will dust pictures and sceneries when and where needed

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Deliverables

–       Hot water should be running in the property

–       Electricity should be running in the property

–       Heating to be turned on in order for carpets and upholstery to dry fast

–       All furniture to be moved or removed

–       All fragile items should be kept away

–       All valued stuff to be kept away in safe place

–       Please ensure you let us plug our machine in one of your socket, preferably a socket that you use for microwave

–       Please ensure carpets and upholstery have been vacuumed properly

–       Parking space to be arranged or paid unless free, if paid then please pay cash

–       Congestion charges may apply and should be paid as cash

–       Please ensure any unwanted clothes, papers, and other objects are removed from the carpeted or upholstery areas please.

–       Please ensure that you check a tag and only use the service if your carpets and upholstery could be steam cleaned, if tag says otherwise, please do not use our service.

In order to better understand the kind of jobs we can provide, please ensure you read our end of tenancy cleaning checklist. Before you book it is good you read our low cost end of tenancy cleaning prices as well as affordable carpet cleaning and discount upholstery cleaning prices.

You can also read our guarantee, which you get on end of tenancy cleaning as well as carpet and upholstery cleaning or range of other cleaning services we provide

Should you like to contact us, you can call us on 0800 689 8989 or on 0790 700 4090. You can also send us an email at or why not request a call back today? You can also request a free no obligation end of tenancy cleaning quote or simply book a cleaner for the service you require.