Deliverables From Your Side

Most cleaning companies do not tell the truth at the first place and unfortunately the world which we live in always want to cash the solution, small prints has caused innocent customers a huge pain since the beginning of the time. However as a local, highly trusted, helpful and above all a truth worthy cleaning company our main aim have/had always been to tell our customers the real side of story each and every time.

Before we take any end of tenancy cleaning job or even carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning, no matter you are a private tenant, a landlord, an estate agent, a council, housing organisation or a property firm, we always tell you to deliver the things which you can and which will help us deliver a great job.

These end of tenancy cleaning deliverables include:

–       Switching off your fridge and freezer at least 24 to 48 hours in advance

–       Ensure hot water is running in the property throughout the job is being done

–       Ensure electricity is running in the property throughout the job is being done

–       Ensure there is no rubbish in the property

–       Ensure cupboards, shelves and worktops are fully empty

–       Ensure all food in the fridge has been removed

–       Ensure dustbins are fully empty and had hot water in

–       Newspapers, unwanted clothes are fully removed from property

–       Any tooth-pastes and brushes and hair brushes are removed

–       Ensure there are no boxes lying around in the property

–       Ensure your stuff is packed and removed

–       Ensure all tenants have moved out

–       Ensure all communal areas have been properly cleared

–       Ensure there’s enough bright light in the property

–       Electric sockets are in working condition or at least supply one on each floor

–       All valuables are removed or kept in safe place

–       All fragile items should be kept away in a safe place

–       Ensure all your stuff have been removed from property including toilet papers, cleaning products, materials, equipment, including mop and bucket, cleaning clothes or any other items

–       Ensure all your kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, lounges, dining rooms, reception rooms, study rooms and stairs, landings, hallways or passage ways are kept clean and there’s no dust or bits and pieces of dirt there

–       Realistically old grime, mildew, lime scale hardly leaves with one clean alone, especially if the property was not professionally cleaned or if you have not had any spring or deep cleans once or twice in an year. It is therefore your duty to work as hard as we do before hand in order to ensure, the cleaners can do a good job, any properties, which are not in a good condition, cannot expect a very good clean of-course

Please note, if customer ensure property is ready to be cleaned and does the bits and pieces from their side then you can expect a really good clean. You can also read our terms and conditions which are subject to acceptance on each job booked.

Please note, we are and always will be the most honest cleaning company in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland which specialises in professional end of tenancy cleaning, professional steam carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services as well as general cleaning services in houses, offices, industrial and commercial properties

Should you like to book a cleaner or request a call back then please contact us today? You can also request a free no obligation end of tenancy cleaning quote. You can check our prices and deals which are highly suitable for private tenants, landlords, estate agents and property firms.

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