We give a 48 hours guarantee on all end of tenancy cleaning jobs undertaken, we require an inventory report made and delivered by your inventory clerk and we are just being honest rather than keeping it as a small print. We will do our 100-% level best to clean the property to utmost possible standards. But sometime its really hard if, property is years and years old and have not been kept clean.

We also give a 24 hours guarantee on carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning, we use the most latest cleaning products, materials and probably are the only company which uses the most latest cleaning equipment in the country and we can guarantee you this.

Your guarantee applies if you have followed all our instructions, which were given on the time of booking, or which were sent along-with your invoice. If you do not follow the instructions there is no guarantee, if you follow the instructions it helps us deliver a great job.

Please also read our terms and conditions so there are no small prints anymore. Please note we are say we are honest and we prove it in every job, we are honest, trusted, efficient and do the hard work for you and your landlord, estate agent. You have to learn about deliverables from your side and let us deliver our deliverables, which will make everyone happy

If you do not know something or have a question, please contact us. You can also request a call back, send us an email at or simply give us a call on 0800 689 8989 or on 0790 700 4090

As a most trusted estate agents, landlords and private tenants cleaning company we are able to offer you complete residential, commercial, office and industrial end of tenancy cleaning, carpet cleaning as well as upholstery cleaning and range of other cleaning services. Get in touch with us today and just to let you know we cover nationwide that is across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.